CHOOLIPS . proper noun, plural derived from the phonetic spelling of Tulips.

This exotic flower caused the ‘Tulip Fever’ in the 17th Century in the Netherlands with its bulbs becoming the most valuable and prestigious coveted luxuries traded like gold. A Fashion Brand created in 2007 and residing in London, United Kingdom. Known for its taste making and innovative creation of artisanal collections applying ancient textile traditions and colour; seamless blends of cultures. Creator of boldly printed and embroidered textiles applied across all collections. Categorised successfully as pioneer for sustainable and fair fashion producing with entrepreneurial artisan businesses in West & East Africa, India and Europe. 

^ 1• Textiles and Garments for women, ready to wear to unique pieces, artisanal products. ^ 2• Main collection, ‘Golden Coast’, named after its production base by the Gold Coast in Ghana, West Africa. All prints for this line are hand printed applying Ghanaian Batik techniques, sewn into garments by hand by local seamstresses and production partner SOKO in Kenya, East Africa. ^ 3• Known for its taste to utilise all of its textile production leftovers in innovative collaborations creating accessories, lifestyle products and jewellery with other designers and manufacturers resulting in its ’Evolve’ diffusion line. ^ 4• Creator of ‘Planet India’, a diffusion line working with artisans and The Sarabhai Family in Gujarat, India applying appliqué and cut traditions on Khadi fabrics. ^ 5• The brands creation was inspired by the founders passion for textiles and people. It has favoured challenging the Status Quo gracefully; sustainability, premium fair wages and transparency as its weapons of choice. Understanding the impacts created for planet and people with such armour, its core belief is that it is all about love and that it makes no sense to create products any other way. ^ 6• Its work and name appear internationally in books, articles and studies speaking of frontiers of African Fashion & Business. ^ 7• Designer & Founder, Annegret Affolderbach, born and bred in East Germany, is a sought after international speaker, consultant and lecturer. She believes in beauty, good food and has wide reaching vision. After completing her degree in Fine Arts at Middlesex University, she worked in all areas of the fashion world, from pop styling and theatre costume design to designing for top high street brands, developing holographic textiles and dream experiences for Coca Cola. Annegret has travelled extensively in Africa, India, the US and Europe building broad networks across fashion & the creative industries. She has a penchant for beautiful words and has written her own column {sustain} as ‘fashion-E-ditor’ for Sustainable Fashion @ B2B platform Tribaspace. {sustain} looked at the journey of Eco/Sustainable Fashion, the exciting & innovative businesses it unfolds and the potent future it presents for global Fashion Industry. ^8• Awarded ‘UK Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2009’ Finalist, British Council and ‘Barclays Innovative Business of the Year 2008’ Winner. ^ 9• 1st collection awarded ‘Global Commercial Dress & Print Design’, Ethical Fashion Forum’ and bought by Topshop to fly off shelves in 2007; resulting in diffusion lines for both Topshop and Asos Greenroom for 3 years growing its operations across Africa and Asia. ^10• Legendary Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan and have counted amongst its stockists. 



‘Having seen Choolips in action over the last two years, she is a beacon of light within the fashion industry, at the forefront of looking at ways that she can build the capacity of small business co-operatives in Africa.’ Claire Hamer, Sustainability Strategist,, Greenroom

Lucy Siegle, The Observer columnist for Sustainable Living describes the brand concept in her latest book ‘To die For’ as ‘one of the most pleasing fashion experiences she has ever had’. 

The Telegraph ‘ the idea of Choolips.’