stripes + flags // a masterclass

‘A stripe is only ever a stripe when in company of another stripe.’ 

Annegret Affolderbach

It is profound when we get to share our creative spirits with people who are seeking that, which lies beyond their current status quo. My creative work has led me to realise that one of the best contributions I can make as a designer, is to create an unforgettable experience for others.

Having worked in sustainable fashion for the past 10yrs, I developed a deep desire to design the ultimate luxury; a contribution to the architecture of our identities reaching far beyond style, an experience and beautiful memory to keep.

With this desire 'at the heart of luxury' was born. 'at the heart of luxury' is part of a series of immersive experiences designed to provide a profound space where creativity and personal discovery are fuelled. It's an opportunity for the curious, the creatively minded or those who might not have a safe space or inner compass enabling them to freely enquire into their creative layers.

Over the past few years I have developed a love for Asafo flags . I have been researching them and got to feast my eyes on a vast private collection here in London. There are many reasons why I chose them as the central theme for this masterclass and the most prominent one is their expression of community, storytelling and ownership. 

The same goes for stripes; a stripe is only ever a stripe in company of another stripe. The fundamental commonalities of unity, community and historic richness embedded in both stripes and flags, in my eyes made the perfect masterclass material.

'The subject was an eye-opener, something so simple as a single line next to another, and all that history in between created by humans, both simplistic and complex in nature, the thought process is intriguing in itself. Highly recommend to a thinker, a poet, an artist.'  

Sadia Rafique, Art Director & Street Photographer

'stripes + flags' // a masterclass, is filled with personal exploration into the meaning, symbolism and history of flags and stripes. Pattern and cloth are host to sacred ancient traditions often embedded with the stories, symbolism and wisdom of many generations. Inspired by the beauty of Ghanaian Asafo flags and the meaning of stripes in flags and fashion, this masterclass explores their deeper meaning, history and significance. It is designed to be a day of personal discovery resulting in the creation of a personally significant stripe & symbolism embedded in a flag that you create. Much like a Kente or Tartan, this profound flag could be passed down from generation to generation. 

'The masterclass felt like stepping outside of time & space and allowed me to just be, create and cross-pollinate with fellow creatives. Food for thought. Soul food. Still digesting, nurturing and growing a few weeks later. A stripe will never be just a stripe to me! Two parallel lines inevitably meet up in infinity.' 

Sigrid Stessels, Structural Engineer/Architect at Buro Happold

'It is a world of creative fun that challenges our perspective thoughts. The space feels safe, warm and loving to express yourself exactly how you are,' 

says Deap Khambay, Communications & Engagement Consultant,


The next classes will be hosted on the 10th/11th May 2016 during Dak'Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal . 

We are being hosted in partnership with BAPRIBAP, the cutest childrens wear brand made in Senegal. Be sure to check them out. They might make you want to have babies.

Thank you to Sadia Rafique for bringing the first masterclass alive with her beautiful photography.




Annegret Affolderbach