lac rose . shirt 06

lac rose . shirt 06


Inspired by the phenomenon of 'lac rose', the pink lake of Senegal, this limited edition collection of 7shirts is the first in a series paying homage to the beauty created by the African continent. I have dip-dyed this collection with natural indigo and seasoned it with vintage linen buttons, also hand-dyed with natural indigo. For a regal touch of luxury the cuffs have been embroidered with 24k gold vintage thread traditionally used to embroider kimono. The words embroidered are 'love' or 'l'eau', emphasising our love for natures most precious life source, water. It's a beautiful soft pink shirt made from a good weight cotton and perfect if you like some gentlewoman / gentleman chique.

I spend a good part of my time pouring over vintage shirts that are traded from Western shores into the second markets of West Africa. I cherry picked a fine selection on my last trip to Ghana in one of West Africa's largest second hand markets, Kantamanto, Accra. This selection of pink shirts instantly had me dreaming of lac rose. 

unisex | original Ralph Lauren | 100% cotton

size medium {length 24.5inches . shoulder width 16.5inches . sleeve 22.5inches}

wash 30degrees by hand only / let the air or sun dry it for you / iron on a low heat unless you need to get the creases out

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