stripes + flags // a masterclass . Dakar . 14th May 2016

stripes + flags // a masterclass . Dakar . 14th May 2016


‘A stripe is only ever a stripe when in company of another stripe.’

date & time . 14th May 2016 . 10 - 4.30/5pm

location . N’Gor Restaurant/ Pied Dans L’eau, Corniche des Almadies, Dakar

price: CFA 50,000 | £60 . includes masterclass kit

for bookings in cash & local currency please contact Annica of Bapribap:


Join me to create your own personal flag. 

Pattern and cloth are host to sacred ancient traditions often embedded with the stories, symbolism and wisdom of many generations. Inspired by the beauty of Ghanaian Asafo flags and the meaning of stripes in flags and fashion, we will be exploring stripes, their meaning, history and significance. This will be a day of personal discovery resulting in the creation of a personally significant stripe & symbolism embedded on your flag. Much like a Kente or Tartan, this meaningful flag could be passed down from generation to generation. 

This years Dak’Art Biennale overarching theme is ‘Contemporary African Art and the Aesthetics of Translations’.  It instantly inspired me to bring my ‘stripes + flags’ masterclass to Dakar to provide exactly such an unforgettable experience.

‘Stripes + Flags’ provides a space where sacred West African tradition and symbolism of contemporary life meet. It is a meaningful space fostering the exploration of the traditions, stories and symbolisms of West African Asafo flags and contemporary stripes with the purpose of translating these into flags of personal significance.

Each flag will be made from striped second hand shirts individually sourced from Dakar’s local second hand market. The transformation of these shirts into flags and embedding them with deeply personal symbolism breathes new life and aesthetics into old ‘cloth’. Each flag will be a personal contribution to express a  future African spirit, a new stake in the ground and a future flag to wave.

This masterclass will be taught by Annegret Affolderbach, Creative Director & Designer of Choolips. Annegret is known for her taste-making and innovative artisanal collections applying ancient textile traditions from West Africa and India. She has a passion for cloth & pattern and a wealth of experience in creating both printed textiles and surface pattern design. She will be guiding you through the day with inspiration and insider tips to see you create a truly special flag to keep.

'The masterclass felt like stepping outside of time & space and allowed me to just be, create and cross-pollinate with fellow creatives. Food for thought. Soul food. Still digesting, nurturing and growing a few weeks later. A stripe will never be just a stripe to me! Two parallel lines inevitably meet up in infinity.' Sigrid Stessels, Structural Engineer/Architect at Buro Happold

Our Dakar classes are run in partnership with Bapribap, a gorgeous kids wear brand based in Dakar |

* please note: This class will only run if it's full capacity; capacity is limited 10people. In case of cancellation you will receive a full refund.

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